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The Logo


The "I Love Australian Products"  logo is a Certification Trade Mark registered with the Federal Government and was created with a strong meaning and purpose. A Certification Trade Mark shows that a trader's goods and services meet an official set of standards. Standards commonly certified include quality, content, manufacturing method and geographic origin.

The logo is a clear representation of the emotive statement 'I Love Australian Products', the 'i' is a person and the different colour and strength of the 'Lo' of love a trolley, the Australian Map represents all the goods and services that are Australian, it affectionately declares 'I Love' all things Australian.


It delivers the message of A person, finding/sourcing/sharing/promoting/showcasing/providing; all that is Australian; on the move, and on the go forward; carrying on business, moving on up.

The “I Love” is perpetual, the emotion of joy, of continuing and never ending.

Overall the elements collectively represent “I LOVE AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTS”


The fresh bright colour pallette adds a loveable and modern addition to the National Australian colours of Green and Gold.


The overall logo was designed to be very clear and extremely easy to identify especially when scaled down to fit on smaller labels. It is tested and still provides a quick and easily recognisable symbol, which can even be universal across all nationalities.


The Trade Mark can be used in conjunction with a list of other terms, distinctions and variations as set out by the Company for use by the Licensee near the Trade Mark eg. “PRODUCTS OF VICTORIA”. Some of which are previewed below.

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