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How To Choose The Real Aussie

We are introducing certain factors such as offering Sublicences at no charge, particularly to help Startup businesses, Sole traders, smaller boutique operations and Artisans that have limited outlay to begin with. We believe in supporting these businesses and helping them to get a head start. We also offer a pro rata rebate to Licensee’s if they choose to terminate before their term.

With growing concern amongst consumers, producers and distributors about level of Australian, country of origin as well as ethical labelling issues and how to visibly distinguish between Local and imported products there has been an increased demand for clarity.

Labelling in the marketplace is unclear, confusing and is misinterpreted by consumers as well as unhelpful to producers and we are therefor passionate to clarify and promote the achievement of the higher level of Australian origin Goods and Services and provide a Trademark Certification that will set it apart from other Australian Certifications in a very consumer, producer oriented and ultimately genuine way for all to benefit from. Therefor we created a stiking logo, that is bold and provides an easily identifiable form of visual recognition that is a powerful advertising and marketing tool for all the real Aussie products out there.

It is important for every consumer to know the exact origin and level of Australian concerning the goods and services they are purchasing, as well as the quality of them.

We believe in making it very easy, simple and clear for consumers to quickly identify the origin and level of Australian and higher percentage Australian products, and also identify producers who support local and are passionate about all things Aussie. As well as ultimately empowering the producer to display this through much more affordable means.

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