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How To Apply?


Before applying, Please read our section on HOW TO QUALIFY to get an overview of the compliance criteria. To apply to use our logo all interested applicants need to contact us to request an "I Love Australian Products" (iLAP) Application Pack. Completed forms need to be returned and then approved by iLAP including the signed statutory declaration to declare that the Goods or Services they wish to display the logo on follow all the Certification requirements and that they have read and agree with the criteria set out by iLAP.

I Can't Wait To Start Displaying The Trade Mark! What Happens Next?

STAGE 1 Once your Online Application Inquiry has been processed and approved we will send you a Licensing Agreement to sign. This agreement is between you and I Love Australian Products and declares that you meet the compliance criteria and that your use of the "I Love Australian Products " Trade Mark will be in strict accordance with the rules and conditions. It also outlines proper use of the "I Love Australian Products " Trade Mark logo and our schedule of fees.




Provide a list of all the Products intended to bear the "I Love Australian Products" Trade Mark.

Complete the accompanying Statutory Declaration to state that what is claimed about your products is true and correct.

Pay the relevant fee according to your type of organisation and structure

STAGE 2 Supply a copy of all relevant documents to support your claims to us

STAGE 3 It's time to start promoting! We will send you the Marketing Pack which includes the artwork of "I Love Australian Products" Trade Mark and guidelines of how it must be used.

STAGE 4 Your company details and Product List will be advertised on our websites Product Directory to celebrate and promote you to the World and help customers easily find and purchase your products.

Necessary Things You Need To Know

It is important that you read the HOW TO QUALIFY section before completing the Application form and that you have been sent our Licence agreement to sign. We will not accept any payment until this has been signed and received. Due to demand please allow some time for your application to be processed.


Applications, Licence agreements and supporting documents are assessed by and subject to the approval of the Company (I Love Australian Products). Failure to provide such information and where an applicant does not agree to abide by the "I Love Australian Products" Trade Mark including the rules and conditions, or does not complete the associated statutory declaration, will result in the application being rejected


According to FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand): Fair trading laws and food laws in Australia and New Zealand require that labels do not misinform through false, misleading or deceptive representations. In Australia, this legislation includes the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) contained in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, and State and Territory Fair Trading Acts and Food Acts. In New Zealand, this legislation includes the Food Act 1981 and Fair Trading Act 1986. More information on fair trade legislation is available from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and New Zealand Commerce Commission websites.

A Statutory Declaration Is:



The Licence to use the logo shall be regularly reviewed at time of renewal at least every 12 months and the Licensee is responsible to notify I Love Australian Products whenever any change takes place that may affect the status of the product. If there are changes a new Licence Agreement and Statutory Declaration need to be completed.


Changes that may affect status include (but are not restricted to):


- Change in raw materials or supplier of raw materials

- Change in ingredients/recipe

- Change in processing conditions or equipment

- Change in storage or distribution conditions

- Change in staff or management responsibilities

- Developments in scientific information associated with ingredients, process or product

- Change of Company ownership

- Brand Acquistion

A statutory declaration is a written statement that allows a person to declare something to be true.


When you make a statutory declaration, you are declaring that the statements in it are true. If you intentionally make a false statement in a declaration, you can be charged with an offence. The penalty for making a false statement in a statutory declaration is a maximum of four years imprisonment. For more information go to The Australian Government Attorney-Generals Department Statutory Declarations.


The official "I Love Australian Products" Logo brand guidelines available to each Licensee must be strictly adhered to. The design of the Logo cannot be altered or modified under any circumstance. This means that Licensees cannot make alterations to the Logos individual elements or it’s graphic proportions whatsoever. However, the Logo can be scaled up or down proportionately to meet Licensee requirements and any colour combination can be applied to the elements of the design in accordance with the rules in the Logos Style Guide.

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